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As Seen In

Just a quick question...

What product/service are you more likely to buy?

The one featured on the front cover of Entrepreneur Magazine...


The one that nobody talks about??



Have You Ever Got Angry Because All These "Experts"/"Gurus" Are Talking Total B.S. About Certain Subject Matters?

If yes then you are THE REAL experts in the field and you can see through the B.S. told by "Gurus" Promises that can't be fulfilled.

The only issue here is that they are somebody, while you are NOBODY. (Sorry to tell you this, as a matter of fact, we were nobody as well)

They have online credibility and that is why their "advice" is heard and accepted by many while someone like yours (even though you may know way more than those "experts") are heard by none.

Happy to say, we found the solution to make your products or services a "no-brainer" to buy through Social Media Verification & Press Features.

As Verified Brand & Influencer You Could...

Work Only With The Best Clients

Becoming a Verified Brand & Influencer positions you in front of few hand-selected clients who value your work and expertise

Get a competitive advantage

Open doors to exclusive clubs of celebrities, trend-setters and billionaires who only work with the verified Entrepreneurs & brands

Expand Your Organic Outreach

You will perpetually expand your organic outreach without using paid ads, leaving a lasting impact not just today, but for decades to come

Ever Feel Like There Has To Be More To Your Business?

We know the feeling. You’ve worked hard to make it to the top of your field.

You’re gifted and get results that are better than anyone else’s.

But it feels like you’ve hit some kind of limit or barrier to continued growth and success.

Like you’re bumping into an invisible ceiling and you don’t know how to push through it.

You want to make a bigger impact in the world. You want to serve the absolute cream of the crop, but you want to do it your way.

The idea of a personal brand intrigues you, but you don’t want it to wipe away your hard-won reputation.

And you certainly don’t want some marketers to make you look like someone you’re not.

You want to be authentic and true AND you want to serve only the most elite clients.

Because they’re the ones who value your genius and can put your ideas into action right away.

When You Get Verified, the Premium Clients Will Be Waiting At Your Door

You’re ready to step into a new world where you can stop playing small.

Where you can charge $10k, $25k, even $100k for your services.

Because you’re worth it.

The good news?

There are plenty of luxury-level clients who are more than happy to pay a premium to get the best of the best.

The bad news?

They won’t buy from you if you are not a Verified Brand & Influencer in your industry!

Because here’s the truth . . . .

The Premium Market Does NOT Work Like Other Markets

Maybe you’ve already tried to attract luxury-level clients using typical strategies.

Or maybe you’ve seen other people try and fail.

That’s because the traditional method of starting small and working your way up to higher prices will only get you so far.

It will get you to high-ticket..

But the path to PREMIUM is different.

It doesn’t use that tried-and-true ascension model where you slowly filter out the people who can’t (or won’t) pay more for better results.

It requires a new way of thinking, one that puts all the focus on your ideal clients, the few individuals or businesses who crave the dream come true that you deliver.

You’ll never convince the masses to buy an Ultra-Premium Service, let alone a Luxury Product.

And you wouldn’t want them to.
Instead, you only want to address people operating at the highest level.

Because they’re the ones who think a $1k or $5k package isn’t really worth their time.

They’re looking to invest $10k to $100k in a truly transformative service that will actually move the needle.

And your product can be the one they choose...

ONLY IF you position yourself Verified Brand & Influencer in your niche.

That’s what our new agency is all about.


We are an award-winning agency that specializes in media placements, personal branding, and marketing strategy. We work with top entrepreneurs, influencers, and established companies to grow their media presence, build strong brand credibility, and boost their business.


Happy Clients


Media Oulets


Articles Published


Satisfaction Guaranteed
It’s unlike anything else out there because it throws out the standard, MBA-style marketing and branding advice.

Instead, we focus entirely on what makes proven luxury brands work and how to apply to up-level your business.
No more undercharging for your best work.
No more headache clients who just want to extract “value” from you.
No more copycatting other businesses that look successful from the outside, but are chaos within. 

When You Work With Us
You’ll Be Able To:

Amplify your reach as you share your genius with the elite clients who truly appreciate your expertise and implement your advice.

Leverage your personal brand even if you currently run a business as a busy CEO.

Stop focusing on the quantity of clients you serve and devote your time and effort to bringing on the best quality clients.

Discover how a personal brand maximizes your impact whether you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, thought leader or hyper-specific expert.

Here's What We Can Do For You

Social Media Verification

Ever dreamed of getting that blue check mark on Facebook or Instagram? Who hasn’t. That blue check mark is not just a simple tick. It’s a sign of credibility, authority and influence. Only the most renowned brands and influencers are able to get that coveted blue check mark. And once they do get it, they find that their business goes to a whole other level. We are able to leverage our contacts at Facebook and Instagram to get accounts verified for our clients. However, you need to be eligible first, and that requires press.

Media Placements

Our strong network of connections with journalists, writers and editors at more than 300+ major media outlets allows us to strategically get our clients featured. Over the years, our clients have been featured on some of the world’s biggest and most renowned publications. They have gone on to build strong personal brands, and they have been strategically positioned as leaders in their industries. So, whether you need a full-feature on Entrepreneur Magazine, or you need press features to get verified on social media, we have got you covered.

Social Media Branding Strategy

Is your brand practically non-existent on social media? Does nothing about you show up when people Google your name? Are you finding it difficult to close deals or expand your business, because people don’t think you’re credible enough? That means its time you build a proper social media brand for your business. Our team of experts can take care of everything, from building your instagram account, to actually growing it. We can take you from being a nobody to being a person of influence in your industry with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Wikipedia Page Creation

Wikipedia is also a trigger for Google knowledge panel creation. Imagine the credibility, exposure, and authority you would have if you were on Wikipedia. Our Wikipedia experts are skilled in creating permanent Wikipedia pages that stick.

Contributor Spots

Months of testing has allowed us to crack the code and figure out the exact strategies that can be used to secure contributor spots on some of the world’s leading publications. We have the ability to take a person with absolutely zero authority, and get them published on major publications including Arabian Business, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, and more. We do this by strategically building up their writing portfolio, getting them on a bunch of smaller publication, and then using that as leverage to pitch the biggest ones.

Google Knowledge Panel Creation

Have you seen the panel that shows up on the right side of Google search results when you search “Bill Gates” or “Nike”? That’s called the Google knowledge panel. Only the biggest brands and the most famous people in the world are able to get that coveted panel. Imagine how much your authority and credibility would go up if you could just tell your clients to Google your name and a panel shows up on the right side. Our experts have discovered the key secrets that lead to panel creation, and this allows us to create panels for our clients.

IMDb Page Creation

IMDb is one of the oldest websites on the internet, and everyone is familiar with it. It’s a place reserved exclusively for celebrities, and people who are famous in any respective field, whether it’s acting, or direction, or music composition. Over the years, we have mastered the art of IMDb page creation. Whether you’re an aspiring actor, or an upcoming musician, or simply a digital marketing expert, we have the skills to get you a full-fledge IMDb page. It ranks high on Google, and it will take your brand credibility to the next level.

Book Publishing

Being a published author can have a huge impact on your personal brand. Often times, being a published author is a sign that you’re an expert authority in your niche. For example, if you’re a digital marketing specialist, getting a book published about digital marketing under your name will position you as a thought leader in your industry. You can leverage the published books to book paid speaking engagements, corporate consulting gigs, and much more. It can also help you close big contracts, and boost business revenue. Our team can take care of the entire process for you, from content ideation, to writing, to getting the book published.

Speaking Gigs

Getting up close and personal are the only ways to build trust and rapport among your target audience and through our links you can secure speaking engagements that provide the perfect opportunity to do so. While everything mentioned above mainly benefits your brand, speaking engagements can also be opportunities for personal growth. Our team will help you diversify your skill set and establish influence in your industry, which, in turn, may even generate new business opportunities for you. Whether you want to give a TEDx talk, or speak at a business conference, our team has you covered. 

Podcast Interviews

Since 2008 the number of regular podcast listeners have doubled. Today, approximately one out of every five adults in the United States listens to a podcast on a regular basis. Just imagine being among the numerous authors, coaches, consultants, bloggers, and even software entrepreneurs who make the rounds on podcasts in order to generate buzz and increase awareness for their product or service. Getting interviewed on podcasts exposes you to hundreds, sometimes even thousands of listeners for every single podcast that you appear on. Not a bad way to get your name out there, wouldn’t you agree? By leveraging our vast network of connections with podcast hosts, we are able to get you booked on different podcasts to take your personal brand to the next level.

TV Appearance

Even in this mobility driven digital age, viewers still use the TV screen for the bulk of their viewing and spend more time doing so than all the other platforms combined. Imagine yourself on this tv screen in front of millions of viewers taking in what you have to offer. These advantages of TV publicity don’t come cheap, however with our team at your disposal you’ll get the best opportunities at the cheapest rates. This medium combines visual and sounds to create movement instead of static images. The same is true of online advertising, but it doesn’t yet have the same branding impact as being on TV.

Reputation Management

Whoever your target audience may be, reputation management forms an important part of any business or personal brand. In today’s age of digital media, it is important for a business or celebrity to know what people are saying about them. Depending on what their feedback is a business or individual personality should make necessary measures to protect their reputation. With the help of our carefully designed Reputation Management Systems our experts see to the fact that the integrity of your business stays intact.

Our Clients Are Consistently Featured On Some Of The Most Elite Publications

Here are few of the publications we work very closely with

Apply To Work With Us Now

This revolutionary strategy VALUES your expertise, so you can stop wasting energy on mid-level clients and get back to the creative, inspiring work you love. 
It gives you the freedom, flexibility and confidence to build the business you truly desire. 
And it works even if you’ve had trouble selling low-ticket offers.
Because the positioning and principles are completely different for ultra-premium programs. 
That’s why it succeeds when other programs or coaching fail. 
The influencer model takes an entirely new approach to marketing, sales and business strategy. 

Speak with us about building your legacy business based on the Laws of Influence.

Wait but if I Become A Verified Brand & Influencer ... Will My Business Change??

Our clients come from a wide range of niches from energy healing and wealth mentoring to dark love and premium travel . . .
So we know there is a place for influencer marketing in your industry.
However . . .

This strategy is NOT for everyone. 
Here's who the Laws of Influence is for:

  • To successfully build a Luxury or Premium business, you must truly be a maverick in your space - the stand out brand with a true gift for your craft.
  • You are capable of being the stand-out brand with your paradigm-shifting ideas.
  • You are an extreme pioneer who is rewriting the way things are done in your niche.
  • You have supreme confidence in your ability and you are unshakable in your approach to your work.
  • You have an inner knowing that you're meant for great things and you are destined to create a massive impact in the world.
  • You are not attracted to premium prices because of the vulgarity of the riches, but more for the artistry and innovation that an exclusive brand allows you to create.
  • You are already successful -- whether in this business or a previous one.  
  • You have high business acumen and understand how to run a successful operation; although this model will be different to anything else you have run previously.
  • You are ready to change the world.

Becoming a Verifed Brand & Influencer Is Just The Beginning

Are you ready to redefine your business?
To start appealing to the clients who instantly recognize your value and support your innovative, creative spirit? You could keep trying to attract the masses with “value bombs” and giveaways.
You could try to churn out lots of low- or medium-priced offers that turn your passion into drudgery. Or you could embrace your position as a leader, a pioneer, a disruptor who isn’t afraid to make waves. And you can serve a handful of clients deeply and personally. All while generating more revenue than you ever thought possible.

Ready to see your expertise rewarded?

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